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Photos 2009

Respect Event
In conjunction with a number of other organizations, the Dharavi Project held an afternoon event at Shri Guru Dutt Gym in Dharavi Kolivada to support the effort to ’change climate change’ through hip hop music, graffiti art, and sculpture. Other participating organizations were Timbaland Production (American multi-platinum music producer Timbaland’s company), Indian Youth Climate Network, 21 tigers, Xtrathin Design, Seventy Events, and SNL Pro.
Acorn Adda
Photos of ACORN adda event in support of the Ragpickers project in Dharavi, was held on Monday 23rd February 2009, at the Dharavi T Junction, Guru dutt Gymnasium, Mumbai. This event had new Tamil Rap singers and DJ's. All kids and guests grooved to tamil songs, and celebrated the Oscars to the team of Slumdog Millionaires.
Acorn Eco Fair
School children both from Dharavi and other parts of cities attended the Eco Fair, to discuss recycling, took part in art activities, learned to make things out of waste, watched films, interacted with the Rag pickers, saw performances by musicians, spent a day at the nature park, by taking nature trails, to come up with solutions of how to deal with the urban problem of Solid Waste Management and giving respect to the people who handle our waste every day.
Diwali Party
This second annual Deepawali get-together was organised by the committee members of ACORN Mumbai. Around 250 ragpickers and their families set aside for one day their daily struggle for food and a livelihood, and aided by a local DJ and caterer and a smattering of outside supporters, danced, sang and rocked away till sunset on a terrace overlooking hundreds of houses and workshops in Dharavi.


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